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We are a professional in Car Detailing

Our expertise in detailing is beyond craftsmanship. All the way from car wash, customisation, painting, wrapping, peelable paint and upto paint protection film our technical experts do meticulous work which will amaze you with our attention towards detailing.Visit us to admire your car makeover.

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Car Polish

Your Car's Shine! Glaze professional car polish service brings out the brilliance in every detail, leaving your vehicle looking showroom-ready. Get ready to turn heads and enjoy that 'just like new' feel with our expert car polish.

Car Wash

We converted traditional washing into an art of professional washing where we take care of the tiny internal and external details and we were a leading example in this field, by combine using of the best chemicals and the specialized labors.

Window Tinting

Drive in style and comfort with our professional car window tinting service. Enhance your vehicle's look, protect your privacy, and stay cool in any weather. Experience the road differently with our tinting expertise

peelable paint

Unleash your car's true personality with peelable paint, where innovation meets customization. Transform your ride with a canvas of endless possibilities, effortlessly blending style and adaptability.Peel, reveal, and let your car's charisma steal the spotlight.

Quick service

automotive service that specializes in fast and efficient maintenance and repairs for vehicles. They services include like oil changes, tire rotations, brake inspections, filter replacements, and other basic automotive maintenance tasks.

Smart repairs

Automotive service that focuses on small to medium-scale cosmetic repairs and maintenance for vehicles. Tasks such as fixing dents, scratches, stone chips, alloy wheel refurbishment, bumper repairs, interior fixes (e.g., leather and upholstery repairs), and paint touch-ups.



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Firas Abu Hassan
Firas Abu Hassan
Best quality vs price in the area
Rolania Abh
Rolania Abh
By coincidence i found this shop, but luckily they exceeded my expectations, the details they work on make it great to come again
Glaze treatment is fantastic, and the results are outstanding. I've never been disappointed with their service

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